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With 20 years well-grounded development and accelerated emergence, FIC Autumn now upgrades to an international Food Health Exhibition.

----Renamed ‘China International Natural Extracts & Health Ingredients Exhibition’ & ‘19th National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition’ will be held in Guangzhou from 14th to 16th November.

After 20 years unremitting efforts, FIC Autumn has developed into a domestic industry brand exhibition with large scale and wide influence. In order to adapt to the trend of international big health industry and national health development for all, and to meet the demand of continuous development of healthy food ingredients and launching to market quickly by international and domestic enterprises, after approved by relevant department, CFAA decided to rename the previous ‘National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition & Extracts, Functional Ingredients, Health Food Supplier Meeting’ as‘ China International Natural Extracts & Health Ingredients Exhibition (FIC-Health)’, and will be held from 14th to 16th November at Hall 9.1 and 10.1, Zone B of Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou.

Oriented by precision service for big health industry, FIC-Health focuses on healthy food Ingredients and extracts, and technical innovation, and will provide an information communication and trading platform for international and domestic enterprises, and countries along the belt and road.

The exhibition area of FIC-Health will be over 20,000 sqm, and will cover plant extracts, animal extracts, aquatic product extracts, biological products for food, functional and health food ingredients, food additives, special dietary food, special formula food for medical use, Halal food, Kosher, natural baking raw materials, health food, food for old people, food production equipment, food safety detection equipment, package materials, food production technology and industry relevant magazine, and etc. The exhibition content from previous exhibition will be retained.


The renamed exhibition received positive response from international and domestic famous companies. So far, there are over 510 industry leading companies applied for the exhibition. Those companies further enlarged the exhibition scale, upgraded the level, and injected vitality.


The most eye-catching highlight is the newly opened ‘new product and new technology promotion exhibition area of natural extracts, functional healthy food ingredients’. Another highlight of FIC-Health is the high-level industry activities, includes ‘Natural Extract Innovative Development Summit Forum’, ‘Functional Food Ingredients Innovative Development Summit Forum’, ‘Food Ingredients Classification Standard Conference’, and ‘New Product New Technology Release Conference’.

After renaming, CFAA will give full play to organizational advantages; further expand publicity and recruitment of the exhibition, as to attract more enterprises in natural extracts and functional food ingredients industry worldwide to exhibit and visit, thus, to enhance visibility and influence worldwide. CFAA will do its best to run the exhibition and better service big health industry, food ingredients industry and food end market, and will make new contributions to promote development of enterprises and industry.

We are looking forward to your participation and visit!



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