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FIC News & Updates

China International Natural Extracts & Health Ingredients Exhibition (FIC-Health 2020) & the 20th National Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition draws to a close


China International Natural Extracts & Health Ingredients Exhibition (FIC-Health 2020) and the 20th National Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition was held in Hall 11.1 in Area B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex for short) on November 18-20, 2020. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, 225 exhibitors participated in this year’s FIC-Health Exhibition, which covered an area of 10,000 square meters, but as a well-known health food exhibition, it still attracted more than 10,000 professionals in this industry.


FIC-Health 2020 was the only exhibition held as scheduled in the natural extracts and health food ingredient industry in the first half of 2020 and had a great positive effect on the orderly resumption of work and production and the country’s effort to secure the basic necessities of life of citizens in the context of the normalization of COVID-19 prevention and control. The performance of FIC-Health 2020 exceeded expectations, with audience and exhibitor satisfaction rates reaching 99.7% and 96.4% respectively. Exhibitors decorated their booths meticulously and 54.2% exhibitors chose special decoration with novel and unique design. A lot of high-quality manufacturers across the whole supply chain of the health sector participated in the exhibition, attracting tens of thousands of visitors at home and abroad. The exhibition precisely focused on the target group, and therefore the results were very satisfactory for all stakeholders. Many deals were reached at the exhibition. Alongside the exhibition, four summits, one business matchmaking, and a standard seminar were held to promote the development of the industry. At these events, leaders of national market and health supervision organization explained the national policies and standards related to the development of the industry; top experts in the industry reviewed developments in frontier science and technology; some experts discussed the industry’s group standards establishment. These professional activities have played a positive role in promoting the development of the health industry and advancing the goals of the Healthy China Initiative. The organizer effectively fulfilled its responsibility to heed COVID-19 health advice and took various measures to ensure the safe, speedy and orderly participation of exhibitors and visitors in the context of the normalization of the COVID-19 prevention and control.All in all, the event was a huge success.


FIC-Health 2020 invited exhibitors across the entire supply chain. There were a dazzling range of products on display at the exhibition, including natural extracts, ingredients of functional and health food and related technologies, health food, foods for special medical purpose, functional food, food for the aged, kosher food, halal food, food additives and ingredients, food-related machinery, equipments and instruments. It was a splendid experience for professionals of the industry.

In terms of marketing, FIC-Health 2020 upgraded its communication technology and reporting model. The event was reported by both social media platforms and mainstream media, including CFAA WeChat Subscription and Service accounts, FIC applet, FIC app, FIC official websites, periodicals, and industry newspaper It cooperated with various media (Douyin, foodmate.net, 21food.cn, hotofood.com, foodex360.com, cnfood.cn, Herbridge, ‘Science and Technology of Food Industry’, ‘Food Science’, ‘China Brewing’, etc.), and adopted a diversified promotion program to build a more influential exhibition brand. Post-show reports, based on in-depth understanding and analysis of big data, presented exhibition data in a visual way to better serve exhibitors and visitors.


Comments from exhibitors and visitors:

Mr. Guo, General Manager of Angel Yeast YE Food Seasoning Department said, “I am very satisfied with the quality and quantity of the visitors of FIC-Health Exhibition this year. This exhibition is very important to us. I cherish this opportunity to reconnect with old friends very much.”

Mr. Lu, the General Manager Assistant of CCGB, said, “As I expected, although there is only one exhibition hall this year, the popularity of the exhibition has not decreased, and the number of professionals visiting this exhibition has only slightly decreased. The effect of the exhibition has exceeded expectations.”

A visitor said: “It was easy and convenient for visitors to register. The admission process was carried out safely and speedily, and the exhibition progressed smoothly. I am a researcher in health sector. I have attended the FIC-Health Exhibition almost every year. Most of the producers of natural extracts and health food ingredients that I’m interested in have participated in the exhibition, and the content of the forum is also very interesting. This exhibition is very helpful for my work.”



 Big names gathered at the summits and forums doing the period of FIC-Health to bring you insights into trends and opportunities in the industry

Alongside FIC-Health 2020, the organizer also held four high-level summits and forums: Functional Food Ingredients Innovation and Development Summit, Natural Extracts Innovation and Development Summit, Nutritional Food and Healthy China Forum and the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Nutrition Enhancer and Special Nutritional Food Committee. It also held a business matchmaking meeting - the Greater Bay Area Food Industry Development Forum, and a meeting to discuss the development of industry standards.


This is the first high-level forum in the health sector after the COVID-19 outbreak. It invited over 30 guest speakers, including leaders from the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Health Commission, professors and experts from top universities and research institutes in the field of health food in China, and executives of influential enterprises at home and abroad; participants and speakers had face-to-face dialogues about natural extracts, functional ingredients, nutritional and healthy food, important regulations, standards, advanced technologies, and new growth momentum and direction of the industry.



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