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Time: November 1416, 2019

Venue: Area B, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China


Summit forums on Natural Extracts Innovative Development


Time: 14:00-16:30 PM, 14th, November, 2019

Address: No.2 Meeting Room, Area B, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China


Report   Titles

Keynote   Speakers

 Natural Extracts Boosting Big Health   Industry Development in China

Gao   Yanxiang

Professor, doctoral   supervisor in school of food science and nutrition engineering, China Agricultural   University; Secretary general of natural extract professional committee of   CFAA(China Food Additives & Ingredients Association); Committee member of   Standardization Committee of China Beverage Industry Association; Deputy Supervisor   of CFAA.

Comprehensive   in-depth Development Route and Industrial Practice Technology of Five Functional   Components in Tea

Wang   Hongxin

Professor, doctoral supervisor of Jiangnan University;  President of school of the Jiangnan University   Continuing Education and Network Education College; Member of China Association   of Grain and Oil; Member of Biological Engineering Society of China, Member   of Chinese Nutrition Society; Member of Deep Processing Branch of China Tea Institution;   Member of Jiangsu Food and Biological Engineering Association; Specialist of health   food quality and safety in Wuxi Food and Drug Administration

The   Functional Components of Natural Plants and its Promotion to Human health

Zheng   Jianxian

Professor, doctoral supervisor in Food School of South China University   of Technology; Evaluation expert of national health food

Data   - based Innovative Solutions for Plant Extracts



Yu   Hongjian

Doctor of pharmacy, researcher; Chief scientist of Tianjin Yibei   Biotechnology Group; Chairman of Wuxi Century Bioengineering company; Master   Tutor of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Editorial board   member of Modern Medicine and Clinic.

Study on Functional Factors of Yeast Extract and its   Application in Beverage Industry

Peng   Ying

Doctor, Senior R&D Engineer of Yeast Extract Research Institute of   ANGEL YEAST CO., LTD.






Summit forums on Functional Food Ingredients Innovative Development


Time: 9:30-12:00 AM, 15th, November, 2019 

Address: No.2 Meeting Room, Area B, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China


Report Titles

Keynote Speakers

Special medical use of formula food at home and   abroad

Current situation and prospect of development


Huo Junsheng

Doctor and researcher in Institute of Nutrition   and Health of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Member of   the second-edition Nutrition and Special Diet Food Specialty committee of   National Food Safety Standard Evaluation Committee

Latest Development and Future prospects of

Chinese Nutrition Functional Product Related   standards


Yan Weixing, Researcher

Former deputy director of National Food Safety   Risk Assessment Center; Secretary-general of the First National Food Safety   Standard Evaluation Committee; Former vice president of Chinese Nutrition Society;   Vice president of China Health Supervision Association


Key Technology of Functional Peptide Preparation   and its Industrial Application


Zhao Mouming

Professor and doctoral supervisor of South   China University of Technology.

Development Trend of Nutritional Functional Food   and Research Progress of Water Threose

Lu Jun

Professor-level senior engineer of National   Institute of Food Fermentation.


Transformation of Spatial Configuration and Enhancement   of Bioactivity of Carotenoids



Zhang Lianfu

Professor, doctoral supervisor in School of   Food Science and Technology of Jiangnan University; Deputy director of the   National Functional Food Engineering Research Center; Evaluation expert of   CFDA health food ; Member of the agricultural product processing expert   committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas; Evaluation expert   of the National Science and Technology Award and the Ministry of Education   Science and Technology Award


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