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Food Ingredients China 2020(FIC 2020)

FIC2019 Made Remarkable Achievement

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Organized by China Food Additives and Ingredients Association (CFAA),CCPIT Sub-Council of Light Industry, and CFAA Convention & Exhibition Center, the 23rd Food Ingredients China & 29th National Food Additives Production Application Technology Expo (FIC2019) successfully ended in the National Convention Center Shanghai on March 20, 2019. Adhering to the exhibition concept of focusing on and serving the food industry, FIC2019 strives to build China's top international exhibition and communication platform with the most comprehensive service and the most industrial influence, and has made remarkable achievements.

FIC2019 is a highly industry-cohesive exhibition with 1568 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises from 33 countries and regions in the world, taking along their latest achievements in the field of food additives and ingredients. 500 exhibitors are in the international area, and 1068 exhibitors are in the domestic area, with a total increase of 160 domestic and foreign exhibitors. The exhibition is divided into five specific exhibiting areas to serve professional visitors, with a total exhibition area of 140000 square meters, an increase of 20.69% compared with the last session, and the exhibition scale ranks the first among the international exhibitions of its kind. The overall quality of the exhibition continues to improve with custom-build booths accounting for 93.1% of the total exhibition area. Rich varieties of technology and products were displayed, and three high-level industry forums and 51 new products new technology conferences present for the food industry the most magnificent chapter of the food additives and ingredients industry.

The three-day exhibition attracted 50,072 registered visitors from 67 countries and regions around the world, an increase of 9% over the previous year, including 3,224 overseas visitors. Person-time visitors reached 102,953, an increase of 8.6% over last year. Among the visitors, 15,238 people entered the exhibition for two or three times, indicating that the audience attached more importance to the exhibition. FIC2019 has once again become one of the most popular exhibitions in the food industry.

FIC2019 has hit a new record in terms of exhibition area, number of exhibitors and number of visitors. Generally, the exhibitors are very satisfied with the exhibition effect and audience quality, and most of them agree that the exhibition result is beyond expectation. The exhibition has achieved the goal of multi-win with satisfactory results.

FIC2020 is Ready to Launch!

Promoting the Innovative Development of Food Industry all-round

Much more highlights is Coming!

The 24thChina International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC 2020) will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from March 17 to 19, 2020.

1.Five Halls named Hall 4.1/5.1/6.1/5.2/6.2 will still be slated to be used in FIC 2020, a total covering of 140,000 square kilometers. Products allocation of each Hall is as followed(Mechanical Equipment & Food Safety Testing Devices will be moved to Hall 4.1 in FIC2020) :

Hall4.1: Natural Extracts, Functional Ingredients, Dietary Supplements, Mechanical Equipment & Food Safety Testing Devices Exhibition Area

Hall 5.1: International Exhibition Area

Hall 6.1: International Exhibition Area, Mechanical Equipment & Food Safety Testing Devices Exhibition Area

Hall 5.2: General Products Exhibition Area

Hall 6.2: Essence, Spice & Seasoning Exhibition Area

2.FIC2020 Most of International Exhibition Area (Hall5.1/6.1)is fully occupied.FIC 2020 Domestic Exhibition Area(Hall 4.1/5.2/6.2) is opening to sale soon. It highlights the healthy development status of FIC platform and the full confidence of domestic and foreign enterprises in FIC2020, as well as the booming development momentum of China's food additives and ingredients industry (please visit www.cfaa.cn or telephone for reservation of FIC2020 and consulting booth).

3.During the exhibition, combing with Chinese companies’ development demand and international requirement, FIC2020 will continue to hold International Food Regulations &Standards Forum and The Academician Forum on Food Innovation and Development with industry organizations of various countries. the peak of industry development will be held in response to the Made in China 2025 policy.These three forums will continue to be the core highlights of FIC2020.

4.Promotion and exhibition convenient services.With the healthy and steady development of FIC, more and more international colleagues are paying attention to and participating in the exhibition.We will keep up with the trend of international development and continue to carry out in-depth work in terms of publicity and on-site convenience services. We will optimize the function of the website exhibitor system,  and optimize the exhibitor registration and information access from the technical level;Expand the publicity and promotion of English website in the international industry media to attract the extensive participation and procurement of international industry colleagues;Continue to optimize WeChat official account, WeChat small procedures, such as the information transfer function, search function, and increase the function of information interaction;We will continue to encourage and carry out pre-registration to enhance the efficiency and experience of visitors. Multi-dimensional optimization will continue to improve the international level of FIC2020 and facilitate participation experience.

Counterparts and media at home and abroad are welcome to continue to pay attention to FIC and to contribute to its development.

For more information, please visit www.cfaa.cn

Contact number: 010-59795833, 010-68396330

        Please follow the exhibition official WeChat public account and small program to obtain exhibition information.

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