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Online FIC 2020 is Going on !

Dear visitors of FIC 2020,

International food ingredients and additives brand exhibition-FIC 2020 will cover 140,000sqm, and embrace 1,500+exhibitors, 500+ of which are international exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions.Three Parts-Food Raw materials, Food Mechanical Equipment, Food Innovative Technology will cover all fields of industry. Leading by academicians of food industry, three high-end summits- “Science & Technology Lead the Future”, “Regulations and Standards Ensure Food Industry Healthy Development”, “Mechanical Equipment Promoting Food Industry Development” and 50+ technical seminars will be appeared all together to make FIC not only a show & purchase platform that draw global attention, but also a communication & growth stage for all professionals from home and abroad.


Due to the current pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus, the FIC 2020, scheduled to be held Mar 17-19, 2020, will be postponed to June 28-30, 2020.  In order to know the exhibitors, products, new technical news in advance for buyers, food manufacturers and industrial professionals, and make full preparation for face to face communication on FIC, organizers will show FIC 2020 online through association official website, FIC website, Wechat official accounts and FIC mini program. Specifications are as follows:

l  Online Show Time:

From March 15th to June 28th, the opening date of FIC 2020.

l  Online Exhibits:

1.     Online search of products, exhibitors, booth number and so on.

2.     Brand recommendation of world-renowned exhibitors.

3.     New Products and technologies.

4.     Real-time update of summits and all kinds of splendid activities in FIC 2020.

l  Online FIC 2020 Media:

    1.     FIC official website:


    2.     Wechat Official accounts and Mini Program:


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     Please follow the above media, and visit FIC 2020 online.

 FIC visitor's pre-registration

1. Scan the above Service Accounts and Mini Program, and pre-registration for more exhibition details.

2. Visit http://fic.cfaa.cn/  , and click "visit" for pre-registration.

3. Click https://dwz.cn/99hWIOFV for preregistration.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

1. China Food Additives and Ingredients Association

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Tel: +86-10-5979 5833

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Contacts: Tian Yunyi, Chen Yanyan, Yin Shengli, Wang Yansong


2. CCPIT Sub-Council of Light Industry

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Tel: +86-10-6839 6330, 6839 6468

Fax: +86-10-6839 6422

Email: ficchina@126.com;

Contacts: Xue Ran, Chen Wenwen

Website: www.cfaa.cn


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    March 3th, 2020

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