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 ★All participants of the exhibition shall pre-register the Real-name Registration System (including exhibitors, construction personnel, transportation personnel, journalists, organizers, etc.), and enter the exhibition by real-name, which is “person and card in one". 

   Exhibitors are required to fill in their real name information on the following website https://dwz.cn/I8lLLCTU  Ubefore Feb 18, 2022, and obtain the badge on site. If more people added on site, they need to register their real names on site and print the badges one for each person. They should swipe their ID card and go face recognition when entering the hall.

  Pre-registration: there are three ways for you to get registered before Feb 18 for FIC 2022 and get your badge in advance and FREE catalogue.

1. Log on our website Pre-regsitration

2. Follow our CFAA Service Account and Subscription Account; 

3. Download and register FIC App or FIC Applet 

   Visitors registering after Feb 25, 2022, can get Visitor Badge by Pre-regisitration Wechat QR code and  get a paper Visitor Badge at the Visitor Registration Office by offering your ID card, passport and relative identifications during the show time.

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