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FIC 2019 Technical Seminars Schedule

Location: Meeting Rooms at National Exhibition & Convention Center

TimeNo.Meeting RoomTitleCompany
9:15-12:00 March 18, 20191M3-02The   application of the natural flavor Glucosyl Steviol GlycosidesLovpure   Natural Ingredients Co., Ltd.
2M4-02Probiotics   Growth Enhancer's Application in High Active Probiotics Yogurt(Drink) and   Lacto Plantarum Based DrinksShanghai   Chinyou Industry Co., Ltd.
3M4-031、The   latest application progress and development trends of biological enzymes in   and abroad.
    2、The latest application progress of neutral lactase and acid lactase in   dairy products.
Nanning   Pangbo Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
4M5-02“New   Trend for Beauty Intake, Back to being Young” Lithy new food ingredients   conferenceShanghai   Lithy Food Materials Co., Ltd.
5M5-03Peptan   IIm Collagen Peptides, Bringing Joint Health A Step Closer、
    StabiCaps, the Perfect API Release for Softgels
Rousselot   (China)
6M6-021.Manuka   Honey--the Gold nobles in honey、2.The basic research and applications of red   ginseng in functional areas by CHEONG KWAN JANG、3.3.Research Advance on wind   polyphenols VinOgrapeTM and the nutrition and Health Functions、4.Study on the   function and application of Brady yeast,the unique yeast probioticsGuangzhou   Narnia Biotechnology Co., Ltd
7M6-031.Facilitated   Expression Fermentation: A game-changing technology to customize a range of   ingredients from a single source、2. Trust in Diana Food:The Solution of   Natural Fruit and Vegetable Ingredients、3.The global development of voluntary   standards system and its influence on food industry self-regulationJoyin   Bioscience (Shanghai) Ltd.
8M7-02Production   technology, equipment and ingredients for soy yogurtJiangnan   University
9M7-03The   discoverer tells about :Research and development of trehalose~The latest   development trend Shanghai   Nagase Trading Co.,Ltd.
10M7-04Adding   Value to Meat and Poultry Products Through Innovative Ingredients and   ApplicationsKalsec   (Shanghai) Trading Co. LTD.
11M8-02Introduction   of a nature umami ingredient-TasteNrichCJ   International Trading CO.,LTD
12M8-031、The   innovative solution of Sports Nutrition Food under the Vision of National   Fitness 2、 Ingenuity designer for substitute food 3、 Protective effect of   gastrointestinal tract with natural combination formula1、   Yitong Howbetter  2、 Shanghai Nuts Food   Technology CO.,LTD 3、Yitong Food Industry Co.,Ltd 
13M8-04Female   Sports Nutrition Makret Insights and InnovationGlanbia   Nutritionals (Ireland) Limited Shanghai Rep Office
1:30-4:30 March 18, 201914M3-022019   Food Consumption Trend Observation and Product InnovationShandong   Tianbo Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.
15M3-03New   Technologies for Food Biosafety and Nutritional Health Product DevelopmentCHINA   NATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF FOOD & FERMENTATION INDUSTRIES
16M4-021.Development   and industrialization of fruit vegetable and grains with high quality   characteristics、2.Location and practise of new product development、3.The   Outline of Dairy Safety Standards and Regulations — from materials and   producing to productsHefei   Siyou Food Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd.
17M4-03NovaSOL®   technology – superior natural food additives made in GermanyShanghai   Shineroad Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.
18M5-02Shaping   the Future of Food & Beverage from Differentiation of DuPont Healthy and   Functional SolutionsDuPont   Nutrition & Health
19M5-03Ketuo   Forum of ProbioticBeijing   Scitop Bio-tech Co.,LTD
20M6-02Angel's   New Products & New Technologies Exchange MeetingANGEL   YEAST CO.,LTD
21M6-03Precision   research and application of prebiotics under the new nutrition conceptQuantum   Hi-Tech (China) Biological co.,LTD
22M7-02New   Trends Development of Healthy Food in Asia-Pacific Region-China Will Become   the World’s Most Aged Society, Are you ready?Shanghai   Lytone Biochemicals, Ltd.
23M7-03PolarDry   - The Cooler Spray-Dry TechnologySpraying   Systems (China) Co., Ltd.
24M7-04Nutritional   issues and solutions for healthy agingDSM   China
25M8-02Depth   extraction and processing of vegetable proteinGEA
26M8-031、Research  progress on intestinal microflora   regulation function and application of inactivated lactic acid   bacteria;2、Intestinal flora and health, intestinal flora detection and   intervention;3、Model For Intestinal Host–Microbiota-Disease Trilateral   Interactions;4、Study on Key    Technologies of  lactobacillus   Fermentation for Fruit and Vegetable Juice ProcessingShandong   Zhongke Jia-yi Bioengineering Co., Ltd.
27M8-04Application   of  N-Acetylneuraminic Acid in FoodHigrand   Co., Ltd
9:15-12:00 March 19, 201928M3-02Solution   of seaweed active substance in healthy foodQINGDAO   BRIGHT MOON SEAWEED GROUP CO.,LTD.
29M3-03Innovative   Biotechnology,Create Healthier BrainRichen   Nutritional Co.,Ltd.
30M4-02New   tool for whipping in cool, promote cake premix to be a better wayGuangzhou   Masson Science & Technology Industry Company Limited
31M4-031   、New trend of plant protein fermentation -- a probe of plant protein   fermentation and its application
    2 、A kind of emulsifying thickener used to replace dietary fiber --   microcrystalline cellulose and its application in milky drinks and other   foods
    3 、Fresh and refreshing, colorful life
 NO.268 wuhua north road,Changleng industrial   zoneII,Xinjian county,Nanchang city
32M5-021. Understanding lipids nutrition through its structure: Biological function study of polyunsaturated fatty acid based on lipidomics methodology; 2.DHA’s application in cognition and development of algal DHA products; 3.Molecular Mechanism Underlying Sialic Acid as an Essential Nutrient for Brain Development and Cognition; 4.Sialic acid, and its function, applicationCABIO   Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd
33M5-031、   AstaReal® natural astaxanthin(from haematococcus pluvialis) from Sweden helps   your health and vitality
    ; 2、The efficacy & application of New Zealand Blis K12 probiotics on   oral and ENT(ear-nose-throat) health
    3、Prebiotic effects of lactulose from France Solactis Group and its   applications in infant foods
    ;4、Weight management effects & mechanism of Netherlands Potato extract   and its applications in food industry
Shanghai   Nature Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. 
34M6-02 New Members of Collagen Family——Type Ⅱ   Collagen R&D and ApplicationsMeitek   Technology(Qingdao) Co.,Ltd
35M6-03Can   Probiotic Boost Exercise Performance? New Clinical Evidence for Sport   Probiotic TWK10 in Endurance Performance、How to Improve Probiotics Stability?   SYNTEK & SYNPACK - Probiotic Integrated Optimizing Production   Technology、The Application of SynbioTech’s unique probiotic strain in   plant-based fermented beverage - rice, vegetable, fruit, soy milk, tea, and   coffeeSYNBIOTECH   GROUP
36M7-02KERRY-   TasteSence and New Probiotic BC30 Application for Food & BeverageKERRY   CHINA
37M7-03Bioactive   Collagen Peptides® - maintaining optimal performance of ligaments, tendons   and joints in sports and everyday life Gelita
38M8-02Brand-new   definition of functional lipids applied in special nutrition;Deep   interpretation of organic 3.0 – Market, policy and regulations ;Deliver the   premium promise with COBAO™ Pure - AAK premium chocolate solution;Plant-based   dairy market trends and AAK solutionsAAK
39M8-03Natural   Vanilla Solution Solvay   China Co., Ltd
1:30-4:30  March 19, 201940M3-02Application   of hydrocolloids in dairy products (yogurt)SHANGHAI   BRILLIANT GUM CO., LTD.
41M3-03Physiological   function of thermotolerant probiotics Bacillus coagulans BC-01 and the   application in foodThankcome   Biological Science and Technology (SuZhou) Co.,Ltd
42M4-02The   function of pure natural linseed gum and the application technology in foodsXinjiang   Linseed Biologic Technologies Co., Ltd
43M4-03Research   on the Integration of Production、Study on non-denatured type II   collagen、Research Progress on Aster PeptideBeijing   Semnl Biotechnology Co., Ltd
44M5-02The   third generation prebiotics, NeoGOS
    Innovating for the Sports Nutrition & Adult Consumer in China
Eagle   Star International Trade Co.,Ltd
45M5-03Characterize   microstructure evolution and evaluate new products end use properties by   Light scattering technology — Predict long term stability, mouthfeel, texture   and quick solutions for process related issuesBeijing   LDS Technology Co.,LTD. 
46M6-02Taste   sense-oriented trigger expression technologyShunda   Food Flavor & Ingredients Co.,Ltd
47M6-03The   Power of the PlantJebsen   & Jessen Ingredients China
48M7-02Keranat,   an  innovative and patented vegetal   ingredient to fight against Hair Loss and to improve Hair Beauty in womenRobertet   Flavors & Fragrances (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
49M7-03Rising   power of plant-based raw materials----coconut products:1,the development of   plant-based raw materials in food region;2,coconut products' introduction and   applicationUM   AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED
50M8-02topic   1: Fast growing Irish dairy industry and Lakeland Dairies.
    topic 2: Dairy ingredients supplier for multiple origins - Interfood
51M8-03L-137   (Postprobiotics)- The Important Key To Take Priobiotics Into The Next Third   Wave Level、Effect of colostrum on immune regulation
Suzhou   2 Dragon Co.,Ltd


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