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Technical   Seminars at FIC2018

Location: Meeting Rooms at National Exhibition & Convention   Center 

Timefic,fic,fic   No.Meeting   RoomTitleCompany
09:15-12:00, March 22, 20181 M5-02Innovative Application of the U.S. Ingredients in Food   ProcessingUSDA/Agricultural Trade Office Shanghai
2M5-031. Lallemand Children GI Health Formula:Studies and application   focusing on children; 2. Creatine:A flourishing hot spot in sports nutritionGuangzhou Narnia Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
3M6-02Natural Antioxidants for Meat & Poultry: Matrix-based   Oxidative Stability Solutions for Animal Proteins and FatsKalsec (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
4M6-031. Recent Application Advance And Development Trends of Domestic   and Foreign Biological Enzyme Preparation in Food Processing, Health Care,   Functional Foods and Pharmaceutical Fields; 2. Recent Application Advance of   Bromelain in Food Processing, Biological Fermentation and Pharmaceutical   FieldsNanning Pangbo Biological Engineering Co., LTD.
5M7-02Insights of Whey Protein Nutrition Booms: Scientific Research,   Market Overview and Innovative Product DevelopmentAgropur Inc
6M7-03Research and Application of Prebiotics in New Nutrition ConceptQuantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd.
7 M7-04Intestinal Health Maintainer - NuFiberJianlong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
8M8-02Study on New Type Composed Emulsifier Application--1. What Make   Creamy and Non-Hydrogenated Whipping Cream Better--New Type Composed   Emulsifier; 2. New Solution on Ice Cream Slurry Stabilization in Room   Temperature; 3. Say Good-Bye to the Circle in Coffee DrinkGuangzhou Masson Science & Technology Industry Company   Limited
9M8-031.The Application of the Patented Strain TWK10 for Performance;   2. The Application of SYNBIO TECH's Probiotics in Fermented Beverage BakerySynbiotech Biotechnology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.
13:30-16:30, March 22, 201810M5-021. Gelatin: a big part of health care and many health benefits.;   2. Peptan Collagen Peptides: New Trends in Sports Nutrition ProductsRousselot China Region
11M5-03The Latest Production and Application of Functionality Starch   SugarShanghai Zhaoguang Bio. Eng. Design Inst.
12M6-02Angel Technical Seminar---Innovations about Products and   TechnologyAngel Yeast Co., Ltd.
13M6-03Consumer Demands and Technical Innovation Improving Health Level   of New Products --- Dupont Nutrition    & Health SeminarDuPont Nutrition and Health - Danisco (China) Co., Ltd.
14M7-021. Probiotics through Regulating Intestinal Flora Structure so   as to Realize its Function and Metabolism;2. Probiotics and Intestinal   Health;3. The Research and Product Development of Special Fermentation Agent   for Soybean Milk Based on Genomics.
Beijing Scitop Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
15M7-03Health Food Natural BeautyShanghai Lithy Foods Material Co., Ltd.
16M7-041. Milk Beverage and Vegetable Protein Beverage Development   Trend; 2. The Processing Technology and Application of Nutritive Beverage; 3.   The Technology and Application of Innovative Food MaterialsHefei Siyou Food Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
17M8-02The New Sweetener SteviaNantong Alchemy Biotech Development Co., Ltd.
18M8-03Application of Functional Cake Oil and Bakery OilGuangzhou Cardlo Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.
19C0-031. Anti-obesity Activity of Yeast Peptide; 2. Whey Protein: From   Intact to HydrolysedEagle   Star International Trade Co., Ltd.
09:15-12:00, March 23, 201820M5-021. Astareal® Natural Astaxanthin for Sports Nutrition and   Anti-Aging; 2. 3X Joint Defense with Nem Brand Eggshell Membrane & Its   Industrial Applications; 3.Introduction of Probi’s   Lactobacillus Plantarum LP299V®, One of the World’s Best Researched   Probiotic Strains,Share the Opportunity to Upgrade the Value of Your Yogurt,   Oat Beverage, Fruit Drink, Cereal Drink or Formula Milk Powder; 4.Application   of Jelu’s Natural Dietary Fiber(From Oat,Wheat)for Meal Replacement   Powder,Bakery,Meat Product,Casing & other Food FieldsShanghai Nature Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
21M5-03New Product Launch-Functional Oligosaccharide and Dietary FiberBaolingbao Biology Co., Ltd.
22M6-021.Valio Eila® Application and Progress in Special Medical Food;   2. Premium Functional Dairy Ingredients Application in Food SectorValio Shanghai Ltd.
23M6-031. Functional Grain Powder and Probiotics Fermented Fruits &   Vegetables powder --- to Create Extraordinary Food; 2. Lactobacillus Plus Soy   Bean, Plant Protein Drinks Start a New Journey; 3. New Era, New Food -- The   1st "Tellcan Science & Technology Cup" College Food Creation   CompetitionNanChang tellcan Food Science Technology Co.,Ltd.
24M7-021.Clinical Study in Chinese Infants-Comparison of Chr. Hansen BB-12 with OTC Product;2.abacNutrition:wholesome, bioavailable, wasteless;3.Nexira:Exocyan--Exclusive Range of Scanberry Extracts;4.Chr. Hansen:Digestive Health 2.0: Probiotics & FermentationJebsen&Jessen
25M7-03DSM's New Products & Technology In Dietary Supplements &   Material NutritionDSM China Ltd.
26M7-04The Function of Pure Natural Linseed Gum and the Application   Technology in FoodsXinjiang Linseed Biologic Technologies Co., Ltd.
27M8-022018 Food Consumption Trend Observation and Product InnovationShandong Tianbo Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.
    Solution of Seaweed Active Substance in Healthy Food
29M8-04Polyols as Prebiotics and Health in ChinaZHEJIANG HUAKANG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.
13:30-16:30, March 23, 201830M5-021.Leading the Tendency of Fashion Health - lnternal andExternal   Application of Probiotics for Woman’s Health; 2.Recent Research and   Innovative Application of Probiotics in Human Oral Care Field;3.Special   Functional Rrebiotics Introduction: Tremella Polysaccharide, Isomalt and   Citrus FiberAnhui George Food Ingredients Sales Co., Ltd.
31M5-031.Innovation Platform and Technology Service System of Brothers   ILong; 2. The Risk Assessment and Stability Fast Evaluation of Products; 3.   The Realization of Innovative Technology; 4. The Research Achievement of   Dairy Beverage SystemHEBEI BROTHERS ILONG FOOD TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
32M6-02VILOF Inulin: Study on the Function of Improving the Physique of   Chronic Diseases and its Innovative Applications. 1. Innovative Applications   of Inulin in Weight Management, Blood Glucose Management and Foods for   Special Medical Purpose; 2. Study on Clinical Intervention and the Mechanism   Research of VILOF Inulin on Type 2 Diabetes in Asia; 3. Regulating Effect of   Natural Probiotics and Dietary Fiber on Constipation and Diarrhea; 4.   Solution to Improve the Taste and Texture of Fermented Soybean Milk; 5.The   New Development and Innovative Service Marketing Model in the New EraFengning Ping An High-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd.
33M6-03Reduce Water Activity to Achieve No PreservativesShanghai ShuoFeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
34M7-021. AAK Cake Upgrade Solutions; 2. Nova Food - The Consumption   History and Applications of Shea Butter; 3. Palm Oil and the Importance  of SustainabilityAAK China Ltd.
35M7-03Functional Beverage Market and Innovation; Sarcopenia in ElderlyGlanbia Nutritional
36M7-04The Trend of Clean Label and its ApplicationWenda Ingredients
37M8-021. Dairy Solutions for Clean-Label Apps – Natural Milk Proteins;   2. Application of Natural Coconut ProductConawell Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
38M8-03Tpm Leading the Revolution of Sugar Control, Let's Enjoy   Delicacy and Wellness! 1. The Solutions of Sweetener Taste Masking; 2. Reduce   Sugar But Enhance Sweetness; 3. Introducing "Phytolin®"-A New   Bioactive Natural Plant Extract with Food, Beverage and Nutraceutical   ApplicationsThe Product Makers Co., Ltd.
39M8-041. Research Progress on Efficacy of Oyster Peptide; 2. The   Improvement of Undenatured Type Ⅱ Collagen on OsteoarthritisBeijing SEMNL Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
09:15-12:00, March 24, 201840M5-02Study on the Characteristics of Agar-Agar and Its Applications   in Dairy Products and Dessert Shanghai Brilliant Gum   Co., Ltd.
41M5-03The 2nd International Symposium on Lipids Nutrition and Health   Innovation: 1.Effect of Dha in Prevention and Adjuvant Therapy of Alzheimer’s   Disease; 2.Applied Research on the New Food Ingredient-Sialic Acid;   3.Development of New Nutritional Blend Oil; 4.Research on the Effect   Mechanism and Application of β-CaroteneCABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd
42M6-021. Kerry Cheese Technology & Innovation: NPD to Meet China’s   Fast Growing Taste; 2. Innovative Probiotic Technology Brings More Benifits to Food and BeverageKerry Ingredients Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
43M6-031.A New Generation of Probiotics for Women Health---Creating Super Pregnant Mother and Superwomen; 2.New Findings: INFAT® May Improve Bone Length and QualityXuzhou Yitong Food Industry Co., Ltd.
44M7-021.Innovative Ingredients---Healthy Dairy Solutions for a   Lifetime; 2. Technical Solutions for Texture of Soft Ice Cream Syrup---the   Key Technology of Stable and Creamy Soft Ice Cream SyrupJiangsu Howbetter Food Co., Ltd.
45M7-041. Development and Application of High Plamitoleic Acid Sea   Buckthorn Fruit Oil; 2. Research Progress on Application and Function of   Microencapsulated Coconut OilBeijing Powdery Health Industry Co., Ltd.

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