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Technical Seminars at FIC 2018

Timefic,fic,fic   No.Meeting   RoomTitleCompany
09:15-12:00, March 22, 20181 M5-02Innovative Application of the U.S. Ingredients in Food   ProcessingUSDA/Agricultural Trade Office Shanghai
2M5-031. Lallemand Yeast-β-Glucans-New Trends of Immunity Enhancement   with Probiotics; 2. Creatine: A Flourishing Hot Spot in Sports NutritionGuangzhou Narnia Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
3M6-02Natural Antioxidants for Meat & Poultry: Matrix-based   Oxidative Stability Solutions for Animal Proteins and FatsKalsec (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
4M6-031. Recent application advance and development trends of domestic   and foreign biological enzyme preparation in food processing, health care,   functional foods and pharmaceutical fields; 2. Recent application advance of   bromelain in food processing, biological fermentation and pharmaceutical   fieldsNanning Pangbo Biological Engineering Co., LTD.
5M7-02Insights of Whey Protein Nutrition Booms: Scientific Research,   Market Overview and Innovative Product DevelopmentAgropur Inc
6M7-03Research and Application of Prebiotics in New Nutrition ConceptQuantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd.
7 M7-04Intestinal Health Maintainer - NuFiberJianlong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
8M8-02Study on new type composed emulsifie application--1. What make   creamy and non-hydrogenated whipping cream better--new type composed   emulsifier;2. New solution on ice cream slurry stabilization in room   temperature;3. Say good-bye to the circle in coffee drink.Guangzhou Masson Science & Technology Industry Company   Limited
9M8-031.The Application of the Patented Strain TWK10 for Performance;   2. The Application of SYNBIO TECH's Probiotics in Fermented Beverage BakerySynbiotech Biotechnology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.
13:30-16:30, March 22, 201810M5-021. Advanced Solution for Starchless Confectionery; 2. New Trends   and Innovation in Sports Nutrition ProductsRousselot China Region
11M5-03The latest production and application of functionality starch   sugarShanghai Zhaoguang Bio. Eng. Design Inst.
12M6-02Angel Technical Seminar---Innovations about Products and   TechnologyAngel Yeast Co., Ltd.
13M6-03Consumer Demands and Technical Innovation Improving Health Level   of New Products --- Dupont Nutrition    & Health SeminarDuPont Nutrition and Health - Danisco (China) Co., Ltd.
14M7-02Lactobacillus casei Zhang new functionBeijing Scitop Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
15M7-03Health Food Natural BeautyShanghai Lithy Foods Material Co., Ltd.
16M7-041. Milk beverage and vegetable protein beverage development   trend; 2. The processing technology and application of nutritive beverage; 3.   The technology and application of innovative food materialsHefei Siyou Food Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
17M8-02The New Sweetener SteviaNantong Alchemy Biotech Development Co., Ltd.
18M8-03Application of functional cake oil and bakery oilGuangzhou Cardlo Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.
19C0-03Anti-obesity Activity of Yeast PeptideEagle   Star International Trade Co., Ltd.
09:15-12:00, March 23, 201820M5-021. AstaReal® Natural astaxanthin for sports nutrition and   anti-aging; 2. 3x Joint Defense with NEM brand eggshell membrane & its   industrial applications; 3.Introduction of Probi’s   Lactobacillus plantarum LP299V®, one of the world’s best researched   probiotic strains,Share the opportunity to upgrade the value of your yogurt,   oat beverage, fruit drink, cereal drink or formula milk powder; 4.Application   of JELU’s Natural dietary fiber(from oat,wheat)for meal replacement   powder,bakery,meat product,casing & other food fieldsShanghai Nature Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
21M5-03New Product Launch-Functional Oligosaccharide and Dietary FiberBaolingbao Biology Co., Ltd.
22M6-021.Valio Eila® Application and Progress in Special Medical Food;   2. Premium Functional Dairy Ingredients Application in Food SectorValio Shanghai Ltd.
23M6-031. Functional Grain Powder and Probiotics Fermented Fruits &   Vegetables powder --- to Create Extraordinary Food; 2. Lactobacillus Plus Soy   Bean, Plant Protein Drinks Start a New Journey; 3. New Era, New Food -- The   1st "Tellcan Science & Technology Cup" College Food Creation   CompetitionNanChang tellcan Food Science Technology Co.,Ltd.
24M7-02Clinical Study in Chinese Infants-Comparison of Chr. Hansen   BB-12 with OTC ProductJebsen&Jessen
25M7-03DSM's New Products & Technology In Dietary Supplements &   Material NutritionDSM China Ltd.
26M7-04The function of pure natural linseed gum and the application   technology in foodsXinjiang Linseed Biologic Technologies Co., Ltd.
27M8-022018 Food Consumption Trend Observation and Product InnovationShandong Tianbo Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.
28M8-03Solution of seaweed active substance in healthy foodQINGDAO BRIGHT MOON SEAWEED GROUP CO., LTD.
29M8-04Polyols as Prebiotics and Health in ChinaZHEJIANG HUAKANG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.
13:30-16:30, March 23, 201830M5-021. Leading the Tendency of Fashion Health Supplements-Internal   and External Use of Probiotics for Women's Intimate Care; 2. From Research to   Development, Innovative Probioitics Application in Oral CareAnhui George Food Ingredients Sales Co., Ltd.
31M5-031.Innovation Platform and Technology Service System of Brothers   ILong; 2. The Risk Assessment and Stability Fast Evaluation of Products; 3.   The Realization of Innovative Technology; 4. The Research Achievement of   Dairy Beverage SystemHEBEI BROTHERS ILONG FOOD TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
32M6-02The Intergration of Inulin and Plant-based Protein Products:   Value Promotion & Texture ImprovementFengning Ping An High-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd.
33M6-03Reduce water activity to achieve no preservativesShanghai ShuoFeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
34M7-021.How to lower the value of 3MCPD and its test method; 2.Nova   Food - The consumption history and applications of shea butter; 3.AAK cake   upgrade solutions AAK China Ltd.
35M7-03Functional Beverage Market and Innovation; Sarcopenia in ElderlyGlanbia Nutritional
36M7-04The trend of clean label and its applicationWenda Ingredients
37M8-02Dairy Solutions for Clean-Label Apps – Natural Milk ProteinsConawell Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
38M8-03TPM leading the revolution of sugar control, let's enjoy   delicacy and wellness! 1. The solutions of sweetener taste masking; 2. Reduce   sugar but enhance sweetness; 3. Introducing "Phytolin®"-A new   bioactive natural plant extract with food, beverage and nutraceutical   applicationsThe Product Makers Co., Ltd.
39M8-041. Research Progress on Efficacy of Oyster Peptide; 2. The   Improvement of Undenatured Type Ⅱ Collagen on OsteoarthritisBeijing SEMNL Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
09:15-12:00,   March 24, 201840M5-02Study on the characteristics of Agar-Agar and its applications   in dairy products and dessert Shanghai Brilliant Gum   Co., Ltd.

41M5-03The 2nd International Symposium on Lipids Nutrition and Health   Innovation: 1.Effect of DHA in prevention and adjuvant therapy of Alzheimer’s   disease; 2.Applied research on the new food ingredient-Sialic acid;   3.Development of New Nutritional Blend Oil; 4.Research on the Effect   Mechanism and Application of β-CaroteneCABIO Biotech (Wuhan) Co., Ltd
42M6-021. Kerry Cheese Technology & Innovation: NPD to meet China’s   fast growing taste; 2. Wellmune, benefits the immune system for respiratory   tractKerry Ingredients Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
43M6-031.A New Generation of Probiotics for Women Health---Creating   Super Pregnan Mother and Superwomen; 2. Upgrading---The Next Highlight of   Functional Drink on the Internet; 3. New Findings: INFAT® May Improve Bone   Length and QualityXuzhou Yitong Food Industry Co., Ltd.
44M7-021.Innovative Ingredients---Healthy Dairy Solutions for a   Lifetime; 2. Technical Solutions for Texture of Soft Ice Cream Syrup---The   Key Technology of Stable and Creamy Soft Ice Cream SyrupJiangsu Howbetter Food Co., Ltd.
45M7-03Advance in Research and Application of New Tastant:healthy and delicious foodsGuangdong ADD Flavor & Fragrance Co.,Ltd.

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