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FIC2025 Technical Seminars will come soon!

Time:      Mar. 17, 2025    09:15 – 12:00; 13:30 – 16:30

Mar. 18, 2025    09:15 12:00; 13:30 – 16:30


Meeting Rooms at NECC(Shanghai) (detailed information will be released at FIC official website in Feb, 2025)

Please refer to the following Technical Seminars of FIC 2024

Time NO. Meeting Room Presenting  Topic Presenting Company
March 20, 2024
1 M302 DSM-Firmenich unlocks next generation of innovative dairy products  DSM F&B
2 M303 DSM-Firmenich empowers healthier food & beverages DSM F&B
3 M401 Made in China - local self-developed HMO leads the fourth industrial wave Synaura Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
4 M403 Symrise Prune's latest research sharing on gut health   Shanghai Taste Synergy Industrial Co., Ltd
5 M501 1. The latest progress of speciality enzymes in rice improvement
2. The latest application of speciality enzymes in rice milk, coffee and other beverages
3. Application of speciality enzymes in enzymatic modified stevia 
Amano Enzyme Manufacturing(China),Ltd. Shanghai Branch
6 M502 The Characteristics、research status and case study of Lactobacillus crispatus KT-11 PRINOVA GROUP
7 M503 2024 DSM-Firmenich Human Nutrition New Products & Health solutions Launch DSM F&B
8 M601 1. Analysis of nutritional characteristics and functional components of Gannan yak milk
2. Development and efficacy evaluation of yak milk functional food
3. Research on deep processing of yak casein hydrochloride products
4. Research on deep processing of yak milk functional peptide products
Gansu Hualing Yak Dairy Co. LTD
9 M602 1. Probiotics for a New Era of HMO
2. How Short Bifidobacterium breve  B-3 Helps People Scientifically Lose Weight
March 20, 2024
10 M302 Oral beauty new horizons, whitening and anti-aging "Core" Miracle.  Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation Limited
11 M303 1. Navigating the Market Landscape: In-Depth Insights into Probiotics and Postbiotics Trends
2. Unraveling the Role of TWK10: Insights into Its Influence in Sports Nutrition
3. Unlocking the Potential of Postbiotic LDL557 in Functional Food Innovation
4. Revolutionizing Probiotic Fermentation Oral Essence Drink: Uniting Skin Whitening and Joint Health for a Fresh Market Perspective
5. Kombucha Delight: Savoring Wellness, One Sip at a Time
Synbiotech Biotechnology(Yangzhou)Co.,Ltd.
12 M401 Where science and creativity meet: decode Health, Taste and Affordability IFF
13 M402 Application and research of yeast protein ANGEL YEAST CO.,LTD.
14 M403 Innovative Food Solutions Based on Collagen Rousselot
15 M501 Study and application of probiotic activities of probiotics and their metabolites Jiangsu New-bio Biotechnology CO.,Ltd.
16 M502 1.Recovery after exercise - Eggshell membrane
2.Astaxanthin in eye and cardiovascular care
3.New nutritional fortification agent - Lactulose
Shanghai nature biotechnology co.,ltd.
17 M503 1.  Improved blood glucose control with whey protein from Arla Foods Ingredients
2. Natural bioactive whey protein Immune Defend Protein (IDP) Introduction from New Zealand Quantec
3. Natural vanilla extract applications in Food from Symrise
4. Natural antioxidants solutions In Food from  Kalsec
Beijing Zhong Xingye Food Technology(Beijing)Co.,LTD.
18 M601 Unleash food innovation alchemy with Royal Avebe magic starches! Avebe (Far East)  Pte  Ltd.
19 M602 Indulgence, health and sustainable innovation, build a brighter future - Cargill food solution seminar  Cargill Investments (China) Ltd.
20 M603 1. Innovative Plantairy® sugar-free cereal milk technology
2. Innovative plant-based dairy alternatives solutions: "Drinkable Yam" Milk, Tibetan Barley Milk, 3.0 Rice Protein Milk
3. Energizes the Intestinal Tract – Novel Highly Fermentable Water-Soluble Prebiotic galactomannan Fibalance
Zymebase Inc.
21 M702 1. Application Solutions of Natural Beta-Carotene in the Food Coloring Process
2. Rosemary Extract in food preservation application
Chenguang Biotech Group Co.,Ltd.
22 M703 Alternative solutions for sodium dehydroacetate in the baking industry——The application of microencapsulated sorbic acid Nantong Acetic Acid Chemical Co., Ltd.
23 M704 1. Status and development trend of health claims of beverages
2. Exploring applications of food additives
3. Research of sugar source and aroma of plant milk
Hefei Chuzhong Food Co.,Ltd
24 M802 1. Research on Flavor Enhancers and Their Enzymatic Preparation
2. Innovative Application in the Food Industry (Chicken Essence, Meat Products, Catering, Convenience Food, Snack Food) 
Guangdong ADD Flavour & Fragrnce Co.,Ltd.
25 M803 1. The latest progress of research on the application of new lysozyme in prefabricated dishes and meat preservation, immunity enhancement and antiviral health functional foods
2. The latest progress of research on the application of new high-purity lactase in dairy products, infant diarrhea prevention health food, functional sugar, etc.
Nanning Pangbo Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd.
March 21, 2024
26 M302 Study on prebiotic properties and health effects of Konjac oligosaccharides HUBEI YIZHI KONJAC BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD
27 M303 Natural Ingredients: Decoding Health Needs, Leading Market Evolution!
1. From natural pigments to fully nutritious fruit and vegetable powders, analyze new perspectives in food applications
2. Consumption-orientation upgrading, exploring the innovation blueprint of functional ingredients
3. The future space, innovative interpretation and sustainable development of natural sugar substitutes!
Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Stock Co., Ltd
28 M401 IFF Health & Advanced Lipids: Exploring health potential for future growth together Advanced Lipids AB
29 M402 ADM Gut Health Postbiotic New Product Release Conference
- Priome™ Postbiotic Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum CECT 7347 (ES1)
ADM Human Nutrition
30 M403 The function and application of xylo-oligosaccharides and probiotic polysaccharides Shandong Jianyihong Biopharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
31 M501 1. Scientific Research and Prospects of Sialic Acid Breast Milk Oligosaccharides
2. Fighting the immune defense, the award-winning postbiotic: the scientific advantages of 
Lactobacillus Plasma
3.Introduction of postbiotic application in functional foods
32 M502 Dairy Ingredient Development and Trends: The rise of FMP and Pure Sheep Milk Powders Guangzhou Yolem Foods Co., Ltd.
33 M503 1. Research on the problem of ice fructose precipitation in juice sticks
2. Research on the Application of Cheese Products in the Preparation of Milk
Anhui Dobest Food Industry Limited Company 
34 M601 1. Innovative applications of Postbiotics in health food
2. L-137 Being With You
3. Bone health &“MBP”
Suzhou 2Dragon Co.,Ltd
35 M602 1. Innovative Application Solutions for Hydrocolloids: Plant-Based Functional Confectionery, High Transparent Jelly, Starch-Free Sausages
2. Dysphagia Diet Market and the Application of Hydrocolloids
36 M603 Screening and mechanism of action of Lactobacillus acidophilus JYLA-126 with anti obesity function Shandong Zhongke Jia-yi Bioengineering Co.,Ltd.
37 M702 Application of seaweed fiber in food Zhenpai Hydrocolloids Co.,Ltd.
38 M703 1.Preliminary study on protein composition and gel properties of Basha fish meat
2.Research on the application of cleaning labels in the food industry
3.How to leverage the economy of premade dishes
4.Research on the application of enzyme formulation compounding technology in the food industry
Zhengzhou RongDa Food Co., Ltd.,
39 M704 Milk protein promotion Valio Ltd. co.
40 M802 Collagen(Functional Animal Protein)—Perfect Foodmate in Meat Products Foodmate Co., Ltd.
41 M803 Domestic and international high-quality spice tasting conference Shanghai Citrus Import Co., Ltd.
March 21, 2024
42 M302 Water soluble lutein's function and application  GUANGZHOU HONGYI TRADING CO.,LTD
43 M303 1. Kemin's Creative Ingredient-Neumentix® Spearmint Extract and "Good Night Polyphenol" Daily Zz TM
2. Natural solutions to meet your food safety needs
44 M401 Inspiring Food, Nourishing Life Kerry
-Japan & Global Market Trends,Product Innovation & Application (OIL·Chocolate·Protein, etc.)
Fuji Oil (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
46 M403 1. Fermentation Power : Fresh Dairy/Cheese/Beverage/Meat and Salad
2. Nurture her nature with premium probiotics
3. HMOs for infant immune&gut development
Chr. Hansen Holding A/S
2. Russian traditional fermented dairy products
3. Introduction of new raw materials of psyllium husk powder
Dongguan Bestway Food Chemical CO.,LTD.
48 M502 Designs are available in a myriad of eastern flavors GUANGDONG SHUNDA FOOD FLAVOR & INGREDIENTS CO.,LTD
49 M503 1.Yogurt Upgrade by "Crispy Cap" Success
2. Nuts' Microbial Control Ensures Food Safety
3. Low-GI Food R&D Challenge: R&D and Showcase
Jiangsu Howbetter Food Co., Ltd.
50 M601 Focus on nutrition and health, unlock science-based nutritional solutions Shanghai Lytone Biochemicals,LTD
51 M602 Research on the application of microbial source natural preservative in food and the second Exchange Forum on clean label ingredients preservation scheme
1. Summary and status research of cleaning label products at home and abroad
2. Post-dehydrogenation era, baking, starch products anti-corrosion solutions
3. Research summary of anti-corrosion solutions for cleaning labels of whey fermentation and sucrose fermentation
Shanghai Yinong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
52 M603 Application of vitamin,mineral and nutrition dilution powder in food industry Wuhu Meino Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd.
53 M702 1. Studies on bioactive peptide
2. Advance on collagen  and application
3. SNK postbiotics and Japanese regulation system
4. Innovation trends in oral beauty 
Beijing Semnl Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
54 M703 1. The new anti-aging technology from Swiss Migros
2. Capania apple extract - an Anti-Hair Loss saint from Italy
3. Revealing the mysterious power of the salmon oil OmeGo
4. Spain Damiana - More health possibilities for women and men
5. French muskmelon -  Cellulite's Killer
6. The health effects of Daily Glow
® collagen tripeptide on the skin
Shanghai Lithy One-Health Group Technology Co., Ltd.
55 M704 Flavor, safety and cost of spice powder Sichuan Medelic Foods Technology Co., Ltd.
56 M802 2024 Food Consumption Trend Observation and Flavour Innovation Shandong Tianbo Food Ingredients Co., Ltd
57 M803 Juneyao Biogrowing Company‘s Analysis of Hot Topics in the Probiotics and Starter Culture Market Biogrowing Co.,Ltd.

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