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The 23rd Food Ingredients China (FIC2019) will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from March 18 to 20, 2019, with 1568 exhibitors, covering floor area of 140,000 square meters. In addition, three summit forums and more than fifty new product/technology release conferences will be held during the exhibition period. We sincerely invite you to FIC2019, the largest exhibition of food additives and ingredients in the world!


FIC2019 is free for professional audience. Tens of thousands of exhibitors and professional visitors will attend the exhibition. All visitors must have a free admission card (this exhibition is only open to professionals, and minors are refused admission).


How can audience enter the exhibition hall quickly?

Registration in advance: This will eliminate the trouble of queuing up for registration during the exhibition period, save your time, and enable you to get access to industry information sooner.


After pre-registration (before March 5), we will send you the admission card by mail. With the card, you can visit the exhibition directly and get the proceedings of FIC2019 (the electronic version in a U disk) at the organizer’s service desk. Holders and suspension belts of the admission card can be obtained at the exit of the Audience Registration Office or at the organizer’s service desk. Pre-registered visitors who have not received the admission card we mailed can print out their card that bears a bar code and exchange it for a formal admission card at the check-in counter, without having to register again.


How to achieve pre-registration:


1. Pre-registration via www.cfaa.cn, the official website of FIC2019; or use your cellphone to scan the two-dimensional code of the exhibition and pay attention to the public account 


2. Wechat applet: Search "FIC Exhibition" on Wechat and register on the FIC Wechat applet.


How to visit FIC2019 without pre-registration?


On-site registration:


1. Scan the two-dimensional code on the scene, pay attention to FIC official Wechat registration, and receive the admission card and FIC2019 proceedings


2. Wechat applet: Use your cellphone to search "FIC Exhibition" on Wechat, get registered via the Wechat applet, and use the two-dimensional code to receive the admission card and the U disk of FIC2019 proceedings


3. Fill in the registration form, exchange your business card for an admission card, and enter the exhibition hall by showing the admission card


Locations of audience registration:  The West Login Room and the South Login Room between Exhibition Hall 4.1 and Exhibition Hall 5.1


Opening hours of the exhibition: 9:00-18:00 for March 18 and 19; 9:00-15:00 for March 20



Since there will be numerous visitors and exhibitors during the exhibition, please take good care of your personal safety and personal belongings. The largest number of visitors will appear on March 18, so please avoid the rush hour of 9:00-10:00. It is expected that a large number of visitors will choose to leave the exhibition hall between 17:00 and 18:00, so please pay attention to safety during this time period. Off-peak entry and exit are recommended.

Welcome to FIC2019!

 Your participation will make FIC2019 more exciting!


Please pay attention to our Wechat public account and Wechat applet to get instant information and facilitate your visit.

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